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Dear customer,

There’s already a lot of good information about van conversions out there. We don’t want to bore you, so we will only briefly describe our work steps so that you have an exact idea what you get and what is important to us.

Whether it's a van we're converting for sale or you give us your van to convert, the following steps are done on all of our conversions. Of course, there are a variety of extras and custom requests that we are happy to consider and discuss with each customer. You will find a list of extras at the end of the conversion description.

What are the ADVANTAGES of having the conversion done by Camper Creatures?




We rebuild your camper within 3-5 weeks. This takes special requests and extras into account. Material for your conversion will be sourced from Portugal, Germany, Spain or England depending on delivery time. This way your camper will be ready faster and you get a better price.




For complete conversions, we pass our low fixed costs and our dealer discounts directly to you. From 9,000 € standard complete conversion, incl. TS-Line insulation and lining, standard furniture kit, 195cm hydraulic TÜV tested folding bench, refrigerator incl. icebox and stove-sink combo (Dometic or Indel), solar system with gel battery, 5 individual lights, swivel console, fresh and waste water tank and 3 USB ports.




From now on, all our campers will get the new TS insulation. This significantly improves the room ambience when the vehicle is closed. Using insulation techniques from yacht building, air circulation is improved and external noise is reduced, with the same insulation results.




Almost all our materials are from Europe, we use only certified wood, aluminium or metal instead of plastic, more screws, less glue, and we recycle as much as possible.




If you want your van painted, repaired or dents removed, or want your seats reupholstered, a new sound system, parking aids or other extras, we can do it all on site during the conversion. All with warranty and original parts.


How the van gets to us

If you would like to have your van rebuilt by us, it will be picked up at your home by a car transporter and also delivered again. (Different delivery addresses are possible throughout Europe). You will receive a delivery receipt from us and from a registered transport company, so you are on the safe side.  The transport is completely insured and your van will only be moved on our company premises. We do not need any vehicle documents or license plates. The arrival as well as the conversion will be recorded photographically, so you are up to date with what is happening with your van.

The work steps

1   Gutting the van and sealing the interior. If there is rust in the interior, it will be removed and treated with a rust converter, primer, and varnish.

2   Work on the body: cut-outs for windows and pop-up roof, all cut edges are sealed. Installation of the bench floor panel.

3   Installation of electrical cables and water tubes in the cable duct.

4      Complete 3-layer insulation on floor, walls, and roof.

5   If desired, installation of the pop-up roof.

6   Interior lining with Isovelcour flex.

  Furniture installation.

8   Installation of electrical and gas appliances.

9   Installation of the second battery and swivel consoles.

10    Installation of the sleeping bench, including a 3-point harness system.

11   Final cleaning and 24-hour test.



  • 230V system: DEFA feed-in socket, circuit breaker (FI), interior socket.

  • Inverter 300W/500W/1000W/1500W with integrated battery charger

  • Outside shower in the rear area

  • Canopy with LED lighting

  • pop-up roof SCA or Skyline Roofs

  • Solar system complete 100W/150W/200W/300W

  • Swivel seat for driver's seat

  • Parking heating

  • Trailer hitch

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