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Order and Shipping


Do you ship to all European countries?

Yes, we ship to any European address.


How long is the delivery time?

  • Average shipping time is 4-10 working days via DHL.

  • If the furniture is in stock it takes 48hr to be ready to ship.

  • If the furniture is one of our standard kits and the wood is in stock it takes 2-8 working days to produce and be ready to ship.

  • If the furniture is one of our standard kits and the wood is not in stock it takes 4-6 weeks to produce and be ready to ship.

  • If the furniture is a custom-made order, we will inform you about production and shipping times via email and phone before payment.


How does the order and delivery process work?

After the payment of your order you will receive a confirmation email from us which states all the details of your order for you to double check.

The moment the transport service has your order, you will receive an email with your tracking number.


How is the material shipped?

All our items will be shipped via DHL including insurance. See Shipping & Returns.


Can I arrange an own Transport or pick it up?

Yes, you can pick up your order at our warehouse any time or arrange your own transport if you like.


Can I order special wishes (size/colour/extras)?

Yes, we are able to adjust the furniture kit to any wishes. Specific drawings will be needed.

Furniture Installation


Can I install the furniture kit in the van alone?

Yes, the Furniture kit is designed to be installed by one person.


Can I call if I have any problems with the fitting?

Yes, we are during working hours always available to help. For little or complex problem, you can send us a as well a video via WhatsApp. This way we are able to help you as if we are next to you.


How long does it take to install the Furniture Kit?

If you have all parts of the technology appliances and extras you want to install, including bed, water, gas and electric installations, we estimate 4-7 full days.



What is a prepared van?

The back of the van should be completely empty. The insulation if wished (Roof, floor and sides) should be done and the lining or carpet should be applied as planned. This work is always best done before any installation. Electric cables can be fitted under the carpeting or insulation.


Do I need to cut the wood?

Depends, no van is 100 % equal, every production line has minimal changes even if the van model is the same. There are no cars which don´t have 0,5-4 mm difference on their inside, for insulation, cables or slightly different carpeting or lining reasons. The type of insulation of the side and the floor can also make a big difference. We make sure that all important parts are measured to the largest possible version. That means that on certain parts you may have to sand or cut to achieve the perfect fit. We are talking about minimal cuts or sand downs.


What if the Furniture does not fit 100%?

No kit from any brand fits 100%. The better brands use a 5-10 mm PVC round profile for the visible connecting areas of the furniture to the van body for a slick look. We supply with all kits 5m of a PU9 soft PVC round profile for this reason, if needed or not.


Why are the trims not applied already?

If the trims were applied, you could not adjust the furniture to the desired measurements.


Which hand tools are necessary for the van installation of the furniture kit?

A cordless screwdriver, a jigsaw with a fine blade, an eccentric tappet, sand paper, screw drivers, rubber hammer and a carpet knife.


How is the furniture fixed in the van?

The furniture is fixed to the side support in two places and to the floor in four places.


Do I need to cut the van body?



Where can I get the kit installed if I don’t want to do it myself?

Any camper garage should be able to install this kit for you.

General Information:


How does the 10 years warranty work?

You send us the broken piece and we send you a free one back (under specific circumstances a photo will be enough)


Which van models work for the kit?

Volkswagen T4 / T5 / T6, short and long wheel base (SWB /LWB)

Nissan Primstar 2003 -2012

Opel Vivaro 2003 - 2012

Renault Traffic 2003-2012


Is it possible to change the position of the drawers, tambour doors, departments, the height or width or the furniture?

Yes, for special wishes and custom orders please contact us direct. We are able to fit the furniture to any needs. For example, surfboard storage, wet department or bike transport can be arranged.

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